2017 "Communicating Science - Connecting Worlds"


Our theme for 2017 was 'Communicating Science - Connecting Worlds'. P&P 2017 took place on September 11-12, 2017. Besides our scientific program where speakers from both academia and industry shared their research with us, we invited professionals from the field of science communication. As PhD students we feel that it is crucial to communicate science, not only to our colleagues and fellow scientists, but also to non-experts such as stakeholders in politics, economy and the general public.

To find more about P&P 2017, please have a look at our Programme and Abstract book.


Organising committee "Plants and People" 2017

Andrés Eduardo Rodríguez Cubillos
Camilla Ferrari
Corné Swart
Eleftheria Saplaoura
Fabio Giulio Moratti
Silvia Martínez Jaime
Umarah Mubeen

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Organisational support

Dr. Ina Talke from the IMPRS 'Primary Metabolism and Plant Growth' shared her great experience from previous conferences. 
Birgit Schäfer and Jacqueline Sommer from the MPI-MP administration helped us with the internal organisation.
Dema Alhajturki supported us during the initial phase of setting up the conference plan and programme.

Website support

Stefan Heinich, web programmer of the Max Planck Campus Golm established the Plants and People website and helped us with technical issues.

Poster and logo design

Thanks to the 2011 P&P team who created our "corporate identity", in particular Ulrike Glaubitz and Stefanie Schmidt for the logo design. Camilla Ferrari designed the 2017 poster.

Financial support

We thank F1000, Labfolder, LGC Genomics, Roboklon, Targenomix and ThermoFisher Scientific for their support!