Plants and People 2015: 'Future Plan[t]s'

This year's Plants and People theme is 'Future Plan[t]s', and will take place from the 7th-9th September. We hope that this topic will allow us to focus not only on recent developments in plant science, but also to delve into the aspects involved in the development and growth of the plant scientist themselves, and his or her career- an issue close to the hearts of the organising Phd students!

Below you will find the preliminary programme with the confirmed speakers for the Plants and People conference 2015: Future plan[t]s. Please click here to download a pdf version of the programme

To read more about the invited speakers, please click on their names [Feature Under Progress!]

To find out more about the poster sessions, including guidelines for poster abstracts, please follow the link.

Monday, 7 September

12:30 -- 14:00                      Registration

14:00 – 16:00                      Regulation 
                                             Chair: Tegan Armarego Marriott
                             Fabio Fornara (IT)                           (14:00- 14:40)
                             Heading north! Regulatory networks controlling photoperiodic flowering in rice 
                             Claudia Köhler (SE)                         (14:40- 15:20)
                             Epigenetic mechanisms in the endosperm drive plant specication
                             Iris Finkemeier  (DE)                        (14:40- 15:20)
                             Exploring the role of lysine acetylation in the regulation of plant metabolism

15:20 -- 16:20                     Coffee break

16:20 – 17:40                     Plant Evo/Devo
Chair: Mercedes Diez Cocero
                             Claudio Varotto (IT)                          (16:20- 17:00)
                             Genomic signatures of specialized metabolism in plants 
                             Stephen I Wright (CN)                       (17:00- 17:40)
                             When history repeats itself: Population genomics of degenerative genome

17:40 -- 18:00                      Break

18:00 – 19:00                      Keynote Lecture
Chair: Jana Dotzek
                             Thomas Börner (DE)    
                             Genes and career. Or: How to become a prof               

From 19:00                         Poster Session with light refreshments

Tuesday, 8 September

9:30 – 11:50                        Metabolism and Signalling
Chair: Selin Bülbül
                              Ilka Axmann (DE)                             (09:30- 10:10)
                              Cyanobacteria’s specific features: non-standard circadian clocks and plenty of
                              antisense RNAs 

                              Ute Roessner (AUS)                         (10:10- 10:50)
                              Spatially resolved systems biology to identify novel salinity tolerance
                              mechanisms in barley roots

10:50 -- 11:10                      Coffee break
                              Elizabete Carmo Silva (UK)              (11:10- 11:50)
                              Improving the efficiency of Rubisco and CO2 assimilation

11:50 --13:00                       Lunch (not provided)

13:00 – 14:30                      Alumni in Companies
Chair: Bjoern Ost Hansen
                              Dörthe Dräger (NL)                           (13:00- 13:30) 
Rijk Zwaan
                              Henning Redestig (BE)                     (13:30- 14:00)
                              Navigating between industry and academia, model and crop genomes             
                              Martina Schad (DE)                          (14:00- 14:30)       
                              Successful in Life Sciences: Why Building Your Own Company Should Always
                              Be an Alternative

14:30 – 15:10                      Metabolism and Signalling Cont.
Chair: Frankiska Fichtner
                              John Bothwell (UK)                          (14:30- 15:10)
                              Red, Green, Brown, and Blue: What are the prospects for seaweed

15:10 -- 16:15                     Poster Session with coffee break

16:15 – 17:45                     Discussion Session
                                The future of science and the future of me
                                   Moderated by: Claudia Steinert   

17:45 -- 18:00                     Group Picture outside

From 18:00                         BBQ

Wednesday, 9 September

9:30 – 12:30                        Biotechnology and Engineering
Chair: Tommaso Pellizzer 
                              Mansour Karimi (BE)                         (09:30- 10:10)
                              Gateway-compatible vectors for plant functional genomics 
                              Nethaji Gallage (DK)                          (10:10- 10:50)
                              Pathway discovery of the most popular plant flavour compound vanillin 

10:50 -- 11:10                      Coffee break

11:10 -- 12:30                     Biotechnology and Engineering
Chair: Isabel Orf
                              Stefan Schillberg (DE)                       (11:10- 11:50)
                              Production of valuable compounds using plants and plant cells
                              Ralf Reski (DE)                                 (11:50- 12:30)
                              Moss: from basic biology and biotechnology to medical application 

12:30 – 13:00                      Concluding remarks and Poster Prize

From 13:00                         Lunch (not provided)