Martina Schad

OakLab, Henningsdorf, Germany

Martina Schad obtained her PhD in Biochemistry at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology in Golm, Germany, in 2005. In her thesis she analysed tissue-specific samples comprehensively on three "omics" topics.
As her first career step, she became product manager of NimbleGen microarray services at RZPD (German Resource Centre for Genomics). In 2007, Martina Schad became head of division at the newly formed imaGenes, a spin-off of RZPD. In this role, she successfully established several new service offers in the domain of RNA and DNA analysis.

In 2011, Martina Schad founded her own company together with the quantum physicist Dr. Jim Kallarackal: OakLabs offers products and services for the life science sector by establishing an interface between genomics and algorithms. Today, the company has 10 employees and works with customers worldwide.