Elizabete Carmo-Silva

Rothamsted Research, UK (from September, Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University, UK)

Elizabete Carmo-Silva was born and grew up in Sintra, Portugal. She studied Applied Plant Biology at the University of Lisbon before starting a PhD in Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, awarded by the same University and in collaboration with Rothamsted Research, in the UK. She then did a four-year post-doc with the United States Department of Agriculture in Arizona and, in 2012, moved back to Europe and Rothamsted Research with a tenure-track research scientist position.

In September 2015, she will take up a lecturer position at the University of Lancaster, in the UK. Her research focuses on photosynthesis, with an emphasis on the regulation of CO2 fixation by Rubisco. She aims to contribute to improving food security by optimising crop performance in response to the changing climate.