The Plants and People Conferences take place at the Max Planck Campus in Potsdam-Golm. The meetings are hosted by the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology.

The mission of the institute is to study plant metabolism in the context of the plant system as a whole. Since this system is more than a collection of genes and their products, we focus our efforts on understanding how these components dynamically interact over time and under different conditions.

To grasp the complexity, it is essential to determine molecular and complex parameters at different functional levels, and to analyse the resulting complex data set against the background of existing biological knowledge.

In the long run our goal is to develop a comprehensive, systems-level understanding of plant growth. To link plant growth and metabolism the institute maintains a strong interest in understanding the genetic and physiological basis of biomass formation and heterosis. Current efforts are centered on unraveling a set of complex processes that are of particular relevance to plant biomass: the bioenergetic pathways, macronutrient acquisition, nutrient signalling and resource allocation.

A detailed understanding of plant growth represents one of the greatest challenges in plant physiology. Our institute is very well prepared to accomplish this challenge.



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